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Speedwell Market

Your One-Stop Shop for Food & Fuel!

      Diesel Fuel Available 

      Breakfast Options 

      A Variety of Convenience Store Items 

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      Speedwell’s Fast Fuel Destination 

      If you need something from the store but want an affordable option near you, check out Speedwell Market in Virginia. Odds are, we’ll have what you’re looking for or a viable option to substitute for it. From our general merchandise to dog food and various fuel options, we truly are the most convenient market in town!

      Several Different Types of Gas & Fuel 

      While some gas stations only offer one or two types of fuel, our store offers options for automobiles, grills, and so much more. 

      Along with unleaded and diesel gas, we also offer:

      Regular Gas

      Non-Ethanol Gas

      Off-Road Diesel

      On-Road Diesel

      Propane Tanks



      Besides fuel, Speedway Market has a fully functioning deli with all the classic meats and toppings. We make classic favorites like Ham, BBQ Cold-Cut sandwiches that are made fresh for each customer. 

      Stop in for a delicious deli sandwich and enjoy the perfect lunch on the go. 

      Fresh Breakfast

      Stopping for fuel before work? Now you can grab a hot breakfast sandwich to enjoy on the way. 

      We serve biscuit sandwiches that come with your choice of bacon, sausage, or ham. Each one is made fresh for our customers and can be bought along with any of our snacks or beverages. 

      Snacks & Supplies

      We have countless snack options at our convenience store, and we make sure to keep our shelves stocked for our customers. 

      We also sell general merchandise and dog food, so make sure to grab your pup’s dinner when you stop by for snacks or fuel!

      Snacks ● Beverages ● Fuel ● Diesel Fuel ● Kerosene ● Deli ● Hot Breakfast ● Dog Food ● General Merchandise

      Come See Us Today!

      A fast and reliable source for food and fuel is right here at Speedway Market. Give us a call today for specific product information or with questions about our available inventory. 

      We look forward to providing you fast and reliable convenience store services. 

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